Great show and is underrated in my eyes.
16 June 2019
The kung fu panda movies are awesome. The first two are fantastic and the third while very good doesn't come close to the first two. The TV series imo was entertaining, funny, action packed, had some cool bad guys like ke-pa, solid music that fit the situations,animation while inferior looks pretty decent for a TV series based on a film series (lilo and stitch the series had worse animation then the first Lilo and stitch film yet no one seems to bash that). The characters are still expressive in emotions and I like how they have the same character designs in the films. The show does have it's really fun and funny episodes also such as enter the dragon which is an hour episode and is awesome to watch. The voice acting sound's really good a lot of the time and it has fun character intreations, the show does have it's not so good episodes and it's characterzation can be of sometimes like po being a bit more bad mannered at times tho most of time he wasn't that bad in the show but it is noticeable if you watched the films (I pefer his character in the movies tho, The furious five and shifu are like this but po is the most noticeable one). The writing is mostly well done with a few hiccups here and there. The theme song is really good also. Kung fu panda LOA gets a bad rep from fans and I can see wwhy but as someone who loves the films i actually was entertained by this. It's funny, cheesy( good kind of cheesy) cute, and has it's really cool moments. I think it's great and i would go into it with an open mind with thinking it's a kids show, you'll like it more if you do that.
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