Absolutely the worst film of all time.
28 April 2019
This thing never deserved to make it onto celluloid, let alone digital video. The acting is absolutely pathetic, the script was written by a moron, there wasn't a single likeable character, and the premise was completely ridiculous. When I looked up the credentials of the lead actress (the daughter), I was shocked that she'd been in dozens of films and TV series. I wouldn't hire her to mulch the garden--she was that horrible. The constant shrieking, the odd look, the big mouth, the hideous bangs the pinched face; I'm talking bad. Bad acting, bad re-acting, and just gross-looking. This POS is 2 and a half hours. at the one hour mark, I started fast forwarding like a madman just to get through it. And even that didn't help. Steer clear.
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