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So Bad I'm Writing My First Review Ever
9 September 2018
Yes, this is my first internet review of literally anything, much less a TV show.

I've seen plenty of great TV/Movies, and plenty of not so great TV/Movies. If I didn't particularly like it, I'd turn it off and move on with my life. No point to go as far as to review it online to express my opinions when probably no one cares anyway. It's uncharacteristic of me to put my opinions out there or to review something publicly, but this show is so terrible that it's caused me to stoop to this level.

The amount of liberal agenda garbage in this show is overwhelming! It's a joke. The goal of this show was not to give comic book fans a TV show based on a beloved character. It was simply to shove their views down your throats and try to mask it as a fun family show.

I am a man who believes women and men should be equal. I believe all races should be equal. I believe people should be viewed based on their character and their acts, not any physical or geographical attribute. That being said, this show is so far turned the opposite way. The feminism is ridiculous. They preach time and time again that women are so much more the superior sex in every way. The men in this show seem to be helpless and only get in the way. They always need saving and can't accomplish anything without the help of at least one "strong woman" to come save the day. There are constant jabs at men in this show. Literally a part of space that men can't survive in and only women can. As the women step over dead males they make comments as to how females are the superior sex. Really? I thought feminism was about teaching equality. The white man is portrayed as corrupt and sexist over and over. Females are EVERYWHERE and each one more impressive than the last. Ok, you get it. It's just so extremely ridiculous.

The racial divide this show is trying to push is completely unnecessary. How many times do we have to hear about how blacks are treated so poorly and everyone is racist and out to get them? These are one-sided views and couldn't be farther from the truth. Move on. The biggest joke is how the martians, who can shape shift into anything or anyone, choose to be black... and then complain about how they're being mistreated and oppressed because they're black..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? The racism towards Hispanics was even hit on and shoved down our throats while we were trying not to choke on the homosexual moral lessons! I did particularly love the comment made about "trying to keep us out by building a wall" ..A clear jab at Trump... in a world where there's a FEMALE president. (Shot yourselves in the foot there, writers)

So many other people have hit on the gun thing that I shouldn't even mention it. So i'll just say one thing. The DEO is a government agency with the soul duty to protect the world from aliens and all around bad stuff with superpowers and all kinds of ways to kill people in the blink of an eye... and not even THEY can carry lethal weapons?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So the message is just to roll over and die or try to reason with all the bad/crazy/alien/evil threats? Great idea. <- SARCASM

EVEN if this show was rid of all the political personal liberal agenda crap, it would still be terrible. The acting is terrible. The action scenes are laughable at best. The plot is boring and so overly drawn out. Why does nobody stay dead/gone? Why does every ordinary person have to become either a cheesy hero or a villain? Why is every other scene about some emotional soap opera drama? (SO. MUCH. CRYING.) Why is the top secret government operation so easily accessible and ran with no sort of secrecy or discretion? (Literally anybody can just come and go as they please). Never thought a TV show about a comic book character would be this disgracefully bad and so much about anything but action and heroism.

This is really long. Will probably be my first and last review of a TV show. I personally don't care whether you agree or not with anything I've said. It's an opinion, and you're entitled to one as well. I don't care if this review sways anyone towards watching this show or not. I just believe that if no one speaks up about these things, then the writers will continue to try to brainwash the viewers with this bologna and the world will fall even more into the crapper.

Wish I could give it negative stars out of 10. That is all.
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