The Gong Show (2017– )
A good reboot
6 October 2017
I am a fan of the original Gong Show from the days that Chuck Barris put in on TV in the mid 70's and am probably one of the toughest critics of any reboots of the show.I did not like the 80's version or the Extreme Gong Show.So when I decided to check out the 2017 version,I expected not to like it.

However, it surprised me.The set ,the style the mood and most importantly the acts were reminiscent of the original .The acts had the crazy feel that I thought would be lost in any new versions of The Gong Show.

The weak link, in my opinion , is the host. He is kind of lackluster ,but that doe snot lessen the show for me.

It is definitely a good 21st century version of The Gong Show.
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