Democracy Now! (2001– )
Disciplined and concise
16 February 2017
Sadly, there is are a lot of utterly shite so-called "News" shows online now. This is not one of them. The reporters here have years of experience and awards. ( I'm not in the crowd of thinking experience is a bad thing I'm afraid). You can tell they have taken this experience and decided to set up an organisation that works the way they would like to run a current affairs show. Stories are presented in great detail with lots of references in the mix, from accurate sources. They present details that almost every other media outlet, both mainstream and online, seem to miss. The show truly holds governments to account, which is what a journalist should do. They are not there is to be best buddies with certain groups, rather to reveal mistakes and inconsistencies in organisations. It could do with having more head-to-head debates, rather than single guests giving off their opinions. It's slightly more liberal than conservative judging from the guests (though I have seen conservative guests on there), and I would like to see more strong questions asked to conservatives on the show. Other than that, this is a disciplined, well structured show, that frankly shows other online shows how it should be done.
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