Review of Humans

Humans (2015–2018)
Great Sci Fi--If you haven't seen the original, this is the best.
28 December 2016
If you have seen the original, then this is #2. Seriously. Despite the fact that this one has Gemma Chan in it--and she's like a million times more effective in the role than the original cast member- -this series isn't as good as the original. They kind of "adapted" the script in this one, and for no apparent reason. Oh, it's still good--amazingly good--and if you don't like subtitled stuff or have access to the original, don't give it another thought. But if you DO, definitely see the original. With that elitist crap out of the way, the story is brilliant, the characters are right on the money, the interactions are great, and it's thought provoking. And if you HAVE seen the original, but not this, you owe it to yourself to see both.
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