2016 MTV Movie Awards (2016 TV Special)
Don't expect too much depth or quality
13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
These are the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, a television event from April this year that runs for 1.5 hours. If you read about the hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, you probably already know what to expect. This is not an award show that will honor the best performances and films of the year, but instead it goes for the most spectacular and most entertaining. The categories are on the level of the fairly absurd (almost tradition already) Best Kiss of the Year etc. MTV makes sure to include music performances on several occasions, so we do not forget the background of this event (some really bad stuff too like a Leo Di Caprio / bear song), but hey why does MTV have their own film awards show? It doesn't really fit and what I saw here also does not convince me that this event's existence is really needed. Besides, what leaves a really bad aftertaste here is that I frequently felt that they just gave awards to those that would 100% come and honestly if the winner is announced and stands behind a door ready to come to the stage, then the element of surprise and suspense is pretty much gone. Most of the people knew for sure they were winning I think and there is something missing if we don't see a glimpse of honest surprise in the recipient's face. Oh yeah, all in all, I think this may be a fairly accurate watch for young audiences who love the film equivalent of pop culture, but those looking for depth and true quality are wrong here, even if luckily not all of the winning movies are as bad as "Straight Outta Compton". I don't recommend the watch and the MTV Movie Award, even if they already exist for over two decades, have a long way to go until they get on the level of the top of the crop awards shows these days.
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