Knock Knock (I) (2015)
Want to screw up a movie? Hire Keanu Reeves
12 December 2015
A promising movie that fails to deliver on all counts, but the most glaring problem is the star. A cigar store Indian could act rings around Keanu Reeves. Bill & Ted, River's Edge--yeah--he was great. Because he was playing himself. A weird, stiff, plastic moron. But since then he hasn't been able to find a role for a weird, stiff, plastic moron and yet he's made a career for himself. Hard to understand. The film is 90 minutes and the first half hour was the most excruciating period of time I've spent in a long time. You could honestly pick up a bum on the street, get him to read these lines, and he'd do a better job than Keanu Reeves. The only time he doesn't act stiff is when two young girls in bathrobes are dancing around his living room which is exactly when he SHOULD be acting stuff. If you want a real treat, try to last until the 35 minute mark when he says, "It's... usually... not... as... exciting... around... here." I laughed myself sick.
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