Valiant effort, but it left me wanting.
4 November 2015
Considering the fact that I love variety shows, game shows, and Neil Patrick Harris, I hoped this show would blow me away. Unfortunately, the production glitches, loose timing, mediocre jokes, and seemingly haphazard, over choreographed/produced, and rushed production, was the major flaw in this, yet still savable show.

I feel if he had/would go in more of a variety direction, with skits, reminiscent of Carol Burnett, with the game show segments taking a back seat to the entertainment, he would have a sure-fire hit on his hands. Currently, the games seem to make the show drag painfully along, between "almost great" performances.

Or, take it the direction of the long-running, German show "Wetten Das" where celebrity guests come on for interviews, sketches, etc, whilst simultaneously have contestants perform zany stunts for prizes, and cash, which are checked on throughout the show; sort of like two shows in one.

Hopefully, next season will bring about some changes, as this show definitely has potential, and Mr. Harris does a fantastic job at hosting it, however this show, is in need of some major tweaking.
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