Breathe In (2013)
Breathe In is a tedious drama
19 June 2014
Breathe In is developed with measure and subtleness, until the ending comes and co-screenwriters Drake Doremus (who was also the director) and Ben York Jones realize the fact that not many things have happened. It's only then when they set the characters free to manifest the explosive emotions which were slowly cooked during the rest of the film. However, it's already too late to save this tedious film, whose good performances can't compensate the lack of energy and of an interesting screenplay. We can imagine the route the screenplay will take from practically the first scene. Keith is happy with his wife and daughter, working as a music teacher in an exclusive local academy; but at the same time, he misses his youth, when he belonged to a rock group, and wonders whether his life could have taken a different road. Then, the attractive Sophie, mature for her age, comes full of life and passion... and the rest of the screenplay practically writes itself. On the positive side, we have competent performances from Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan and Mackenzie Davis. However, as I previously said, they can't compensate the fact that the screenplay is developed exactly like we expected, and even though the ending tries to throw some curves, they don't feel like an integral part of the story, but like a desperate strategy to simulate complexity where there wasn't any. In conclusion, I found Breathe In a boring and uninteresting drama, and I can't recommend it.
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