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Garfield (2004)
Jim Davis would be rolling in his grave, if he was dead
26 February 2006
You would think that Hollywood would learn from such wastes of film as Scooby Doo that attempting to turn cartoon franchises into live action movies is a very bad idea. Apparently, they haven't learned yet, and thus, Garfield has been released.

Every single actor's performance in this movie was god awful, to begin with. I realize they weren't working with a golden script, but it was very blatant that nobody was even trying. Now, I expect half-assed acting from Jennifer Love Hewitt, who's only in Hollywood because of her looks, but Bill Murray's poor performance as the voice of Garfield was pitiful. It was sad, too, because Murray is usually a very funny guy.

As well, it was pretty dumb to have a CGI Garfield but have a normal dog for Odie. Instead of computer animation, they used some measly mutt that looks nothing like the cartoon dog and had it dancing on it's hind legs while listening to the Black Eyed Peas. I really wish I was making that up, folks, but I'm not. That part is actually in the movie, and lasts for the entire duration of the song.

Towards the end of the movie, Garfield dances to another song that's been used in about eighty seven billion other movies. Yeah, you guessed right; James Brown's stupid song that's like "I feeeeeel good!" I think it was trying to be funny, but it just wasn't. The same goes for every other joke in the movie. Not funny. Just not funny.

I guess you could understand why somebody who's been reading the comic strip for over a decade would be disappointed with this movie, but it would be just as bad for anyone who's never seen it once. Pathetic CGI animation, such as hands going through Garfield when people go to pick him up, ensures that this movie doesn't even get any visual eye candy. There are absolutely no pros to watch this movie, but so many cons that an educated mathematician would lose count if he tried to keep track of them all. Avoid this movie at all costs.
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