A Big Miss
2 July 2000
Okay, another ordinary guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances and being pursued by overwhelming force: template number 1 in the poor writer's cheat book. This go around, we have dire warnings about and examples of NSA invasions of privacy.

Even if it had a resonating story, this movie is dead. When will they learn not to cast poor actors (Smith, Bonet) near good ones (Voight, Hackman). It just reminds us. Smith never convinces.

Worse, the reason this was made was to leverage paranoia about a very real agency, who does do profligate, but passive monitoring. The message would have real impact if they hadn't larded it up with so many technical fantasies. Also, if the mission had been carried out with some official blessing, instead of by a minor internal thug.

The truth IS scarey, as is the threat they are countering. A real film could be made of this, something meaningful, but no one would watch. I wonder whether we really are a stupid people or that we would rather be frightened by clearly fake threats.
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