Beavis and Butt-head do Society
23 September 2004
In 2004 an English professor told a college sophomore to free write for 30 minutes. This is the result.

Beavis and Butt-head are cool. They spoke for the inner frustrations of a generation. Beavis was the son of a flower child and a soldier on 2 month 30 day leave from Vietnam. Butt-head was the illegitimate son of Gov. Bill Clinton. They met in March 1992 at a conference on nuclear power in Berkeley, CA. At the time Beavis was an engineering major and Butt-head was in his first year of pre-med. Both were involved in the anti-war movement. Although the war had ended almost 20 years beforehand, activists were still protesting that we had ever gone. Then a stroke of genius hit Butt-head -- the two would start a TV show in which two people sat on a couch and and commented on whatever the world showed them. He meant for the show to be a biting indictment of post-industrial capitalist society. Beavis agreed, and suggested they use music videos as the main conduit of critical observation of the oppression that middle class white males in a first world country had to endure. The show was an incredible success. It showed millions around the world the alienation that the system produces in todays youth. As Beavis and Butt-head sat watching cable television in a house were you never saw any parents, or any one pay any bills, you could literally smell the anger that these yuth felt. As they constantly ate tacos and nachos, and were on a never ending quest for sluts and beer, you could see the solidarity that these people felt for women and oppressed minorities in the United States. And in their never realized dream of joining the cool gang, we see the alienation that capitalism produces between man and man. By 1997 their work was done; they had revealed their radical message for millions around the world, and the world would never be the same.

Not bad for something off the top of my head, eh?
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