Picket Fences (1992–1996)
Picket Fences
25 March 1999
An entertaining drama that had its good years and its mediocre. All in all, it was mediocre show. The show worked because it didn't glorify the law like shows like "Law & Order," where people spouted off references to old classics as a matter of policy. Here, you have characters like Finkel's Wambaugh, who you're not even sure knows any old cases. Finkel stole countless episodes, as did Chapelle, who since the shows' end, has found better material and bigger roles. Wonderful! Skerritt didn't work for me. I couldn't take him seriously in the role of the Chief of Rome, Iowa. An actor like Robert Urich would have been better. Baker, however, was magic in every episode. She delivered her lines with passion and a sort of romantic sentimentality that is rare on many television dramas. The biggest joy in the show's run was seeing what crusty old judge Ray Walston was going to do next. Walston sunk his teeth into the role of Judge Henry Bone and he bit a chunk out of every episode. Her won much deserved Emmys and kept his long career going.
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