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Poll: Disappointing Adaptations from Literature

Which film adapted from a novel or short story is the most disappointing?

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    I, Robot (2004)

    The film bears little resemblance to the original short story. Susan Calvin, a brilliant roboticist, is marginalized as a love interest.
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    Nightfall (1988)

    The screenplay is tedious and fails to capture the spirit of a profound short story.
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    Paycheck (2003)

    The movie generally follows the story at first but then it completely messes up the climax. It turns what was originally an interesting and subtle conclusion into a generic action scene in which everything explodes with a cheesy "happy ending".
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    Dune (1984)

    The heavy rains at the end implied that the stark dryness was finally, miraculously ended in contrast to it a long slow process of greening the planet in the book. "Water discipline" was not as thoroughly depicted as in the book.
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    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

    It changed things that didn't need to be changed and failed to capture the intellectual philosophies that Fitzgerald presented.
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    Animal Farm (1954)

    The "happy ending" where the rest of the animals revolted against the pigs did not happen in Orwell's story. In the original, the animals succumbed to the new order with the new boss being the same as the old boss.

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