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All these films were put foreward by poll board users, when asked to recommend one film which does not yet have any related poll.

Which of these little-known gems would you be most interested in watching some time?

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    Under Milk Wood (1971)

    Big screen adaption of Dylan Thomas's play for voices, which describes one day in the life of the Welsh fishing village Llareggub (read it backwards!) as perceived by the blind retired sea captain Tom Cat. Starring Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter O'Toole - Suggested by cocoken
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    Deep Cover (1992)

    A brutal neo-noir drug story with Laurence Fishburne's deep-voiced first-person narration - Suggested by BoltBait
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    The Beguiled (1971)

    An atmospheric Southern Gothic drama set in an all-girls boarding school during the American Civil War. An atypical films for star Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel, both well-known for their work in action films and thrillers - Suggested by sheetsadam1
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    School Ties (1992)

    The story of a young Jewish boy (brilliantly played by Brendan Fraser) that gets into an elite prep school due to his footballing ability that decides to hide his religion due to the inescapable racism of the time. - Suggested by jamesh5
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    Resurrection (1980)

    A woman in middle-America has near death experience that sees to have given her the power to heal, both herself and others. As she becomes a local celebrity, people depend upon her abilities and also question the source of her power, whether strictly scientific or the work of God or Satan - Suggested by NJtoTX
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    The Annuity (1972)

    A masterpiece of Black comedy, full of such hilarious lines as "we should have sold France to the Germans with a life annuity, with you, we'd be safe", a lawyer dies of a heart attack : "poor chap, the last case he won" "the first too" "The Annuity" is one of the most hilarious French comedies with a bittersweet taste of poignancy and it's also a poetic film about the passing of time. One thing for sure, you'll think about it twice before buying a life annuity. - Suggested by ElMaruecan82
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    Nothing But a Man (1964)

    Well crafted film with a naturalistic and documentary feel that tells the story of the tribulations of a young African-American couple at the beginning of the civil rights era, with outstanding lead performances from Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln. Specific to its time and place, yet universal in the undeniable truth that humans can but react to how they are treated - Suggested by misspaddylee
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    Le Trou (1960)

    Film about an escape from a French prison - Suggested by Pencho15
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    Johnny Handsome (1989)

    Suggested by Rafael_M
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    My Architect (2003)

    This documentary follows the film's director, Nathaniel Kahn, as he investigated the tragic life of his father Luis Kahn (to whom Nathaniel was born out of wedlock). On his journey around the world, Nathaniel tries to solve the mystery of how and why his father went from internationally celebrated architect to being found dead in Penn Station, NYC penniless and destitute. - Suggested by TsarStepan
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    My First Mister (2001)

    Suggested by cartman_1337
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    The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1998)

    Suggested by williamagon
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    Perfect Sense (2011)

    An odd epidemic appears across the globe: people suddenly lose one of their senses. Susan and Michael begin a relationship in the middle of increasing chaos, Is love possible in such a changed world? - Suggested by emadel79
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    It's a Gift (1934)

    A henpecked New Jersey grocer makes plans to move to California to grow oranges, despite the resistance of his overbearing wife. - Suggested by Dweezer
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    Local Hero (1983)

    Suggested by Verbal_Assault_Specialist
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    My Way (2011)

    Suggested by otter68
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    Come Next Spring (1956)

    ".... a ne'er-do-well alcoholic husband returns to his wife and two children, in a small Arkansas town, years after abandoning them, hoping to make amends" Trivia: Earl Hamer, creator of The Waltons", had a role in the film...and the co-incidences are remarkable.

    Martin Scorsese, in an article in New Yorker magazine, said he was a great admorer of this film. - Suggested by horn-5

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    Hideous Kinky (1998)

    In Kate Winslet's first movie after Titanic, an Englishwoman travels to 1970s Morocco with her two young daughters, where they deal with and adjust to the culture and people of the area. - Suggested by yrnej
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    Palme (2012)

    The life and times of Olof Palme, the prime minister of Sweden until his assassination in 1986. - Suggested by pbn
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    Hello Bombay! (1988)

    Salaam Bombay is the poignant tale of three homeless children who find friendship as they try to navigate a crime-ridden slum in contemporary India. Abandoned or manipulated by the adults in their lives, whether parents or drug dealers, these tiny protagonists fight not only to survive, but to find joy in their tortured urban landscape. This beautiful cinematic work received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language film in 1989 - Suggested by rubyfruit76

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