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Poll: I lost to Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis has won 3 Best Actor Oscars, beating 12 other performers. Of those nominees he beat, which performance do you consider the best?

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    Kenneth Branagh

    In Henry V
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    Tom Cruise

    In Born on the Fourth of July
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    Morgan Freeman

    In Driving Miss Daisy
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    Robin Williams

    In Dead Poets Society
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    Viggo Mortensen

    In Eastern Promises
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    Tommy Lee Jones

    In In the Valley of Elah
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    George Clooney

    In Michael Clayton
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    Johnny Depp

    In Sweeney Todd
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    Bradley Cooper

    In Silver Linings Playbook
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    Hugh Jackman

    In Les Misérables
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    Joaquin Phoenix

    In The Master
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    Denzel Washington

    In Flight

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