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Poll: Favorite Father/Son Acting Pair

Which Father/Son pair is the best set of actors or which do you most enjoy watching?

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    Adam Arkin

    Alan Arkin.
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    Dirk Blocker

    Dan Blocker.
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    Jeff Bridges

    and Beau Bridges sons of Lloyd Bridges.
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    Josh Brolin

    James Brolin.
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    Scott Caan

    James Caan.
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    Keith Carradine

    and David and Robert sons of John Carradine.
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    Lon Chaney Jr.

    Lon Chaney.
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    Jason Connery

    Sean Connery.
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    Michael Douglas

    Kirk Douglas.
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    Robert Downey Jr.

    Robert Downey Sr.
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    Peter Fonda

    Henry Fonda.
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    Colin Hanks

    Tom Hanks.
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    Alan Hale Jr.

    Alan Hale.
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    Jared Harris

    and Jamie sons of Richard Harris.
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    Ron Howard

    and Clint sons of Rance Howard.
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    John Huston

    Son of Walter Huston. Jack Huston is also the son of Danny Huston who is the son of John Huston. 4 Generations!
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    Stacy Keach

    and James sons of Stacy Keach Sr.
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    Brandon Lee

    Bruce Lee.
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    David Nelson

    and Ricky sons of Ozzie Nelson.
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    Corin Redgrave

    son of Michael Redgrave, son of Roy Redgrave.
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    Francesco Quinn

    and Danny, Lorenzo, and Alex sons of Anthony Quinn.
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    Charlie Sheen

    and Ramon and Emilio Estevez sons of Martin Sheen.
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    Jaden Smith

    Will Smith.
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    Ben Stiller

    Jerry Stiller.
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    Kiefer Sutherland

    and Rossif Sutherland sons of Donald Sutherland.
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    Patrick Wayne

    John Wayne.
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    Barry Van Dyke

    Dick Van Dyke.
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    Pedro Armendáriz Jr.

    Pedro Armendáriz.
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    Miguel Ferrer

    José Ferrer.
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    Jason Patric

    Jason Miller.
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    Mario Van Peebles

    Melvin Van Peebles.
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    Keenan Wynn

    Ed Wynn.
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    Jake Busey

    Gary Busey.
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    Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

    Douglas Fairbanks.
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    Chris Pine

    Robert Pine.

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