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Poll: Favorite Drive-in Theater or Outdoor Movie Scene

June 6th is National Drive-In Movie Day and marks the official birthday of the drive-in movie theater. The popularity of the drive-in movie theater peaked back in 1958 with 4,063 drive-ins spread across the United States. About 400 traditional drive-in theaters remain operating worldwide with 348 of those located within the United States. The unique outdoor experience has allowed that number to hold steady over the past decade. Drive-ins might even be poised for a slight rebound. However, the future of outdoor cinema may lie elsewhere. Entrepreneurs are looking to update the outdoor cinematic experience by using historic landmarks, rooftop locations, air-supported domes and beds to create a fresh spin on the outdoor movie experience and make 'movie night' a special event again.

Which of these movie scenes set against the backdrop of a drive-in movie theater or outdoor movie screening is your favorite?

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