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Poll: Many Faces of The Thinker

Warning: spoilers.

Season Four of "The Flash" saw its main antagonist, The Thinker, changing quite a few bodies (and actors) to achieve his goals. For now he has finally (somewhat) returned to his original form, but what face is your favorite and which of those outstanding actors impressed you the most?

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    Neil Sandilands in The Flash (2014)

    Clifford DeVoe: Clifford's original body was not withstanding the immense power of his metahuman brain and began decaying, which prompted him and his wife to look for radical solutions.
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    Neil Sandilands in The Flash (2014)

    The Thinker: Although for the outside world DeVoe's body is still pretty much there, he is hiding that he prolongued its very limited lifespan with numerous cybernetic augments.
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    Kim Engelbrecht and Kendrick Sampson in The Flash (2014)

    Dominic Lanse: Leaving his original body behind, DeVoe transferred his consciousness and mind in telepathic metahuman Dominic Lanse.
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    Sugar Lyn Beard in The Flash (2014)

    Becky Sharpe: Lanse's body was not able to withstand for long, so The Thinker took the new and quite radical route by transferring his mind into metahuman Becky Sharpe.
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    Miranda MacDougall in The Flash (2014)

    Izzy Bowin: Another metahuman whose powers DeVoe crafted for occassion was The Fiddler.
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    Arturo Del Puerto in The Flash (2014)

    Edwin Gauss: Body used briefly, but effectively and very precisely.
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    Hartley Sawyer in The Flash (2014)

    Ralph Dibny: In a heartbreaking move Elongated Man has become a new host for DeVoe's malicious genius soul.
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    Neil Sandilands in The Flash (2014)

    The Thinker Version 7.1: Finally, Dibny's powers that include shapeshifting allowed DeVoe to return to his own face with a much stronger, healthier and able body more than fit to oppose the Fastest Man Alive...

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