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Poll: Farewell Greendale 'Community' College

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to create a Community poll. After all, in which other shows you can see things like: Paintball fight & Pillow Fight in the middle of the school; Commercial company with self-deprecating humor (Subway); Full episode about a missing pen; Dozens of tributes and references to popular culture and many other Cool. Cool cool cool stuff.

No argument, Greendale is the best school in the entire world.

Unfortunately for the fans, NBC decided to cancelled Community after five seasons. So this poll is a tribute to the series, but if you think we gave up on the dream of six seasons and a movie (Ooh, that will be nice) you streets ahead.

So, what you will miss the most about Community?

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    Stephen Tobolowsky in Community (2009)

    The unusual classes.

    Notable: "Who Indeed: A Critical Analysis of Television's Who's the Boss?."

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    Chevy Chase, Joel McHale, John Oliver, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    The special christmas episode.
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    Jim Rash in Community (2009)

    Dean Pelton costumes.

    Notable quote: “Can I be perfectly honest with you guys? I think I went to far with this one. I have to go to the bank today. What am I supposed to tell people in line? I had good news and bad news? Come on, Craig. Get your life together.”— Dean Pelton (from community wiki).

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    Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover in Community (2009)


    Notable quote: “Tell the drama club their tears will be real today!”— Jeff (from community wiki).

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    Chevy Chase, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    The bottle episode.

    Notable quote: "I hate bottle episodes. They're wall to wall facial expressions and emotional nuance. I might as well sit in a corner with a bucket on my head" - Abed (from community wiki)

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    Chevy Chase and Gillian Jacobs in Community (2009)

    Inappropriate remarks of Pierce.

    Notable quote: "“I'm a millionaire, I'm an inventor, I'm a legend and I had sex with Eartha Kitt.”— Pierce (from community wiki).

    "“You have been sexually harassing me since the very first day of class.”— Shirley. “'Sexually harassing'? What? That makes no sense to me. Why would I harass someone who turns me on?”— Pierce. “Saying she turns you on is the harassment, dude.”— Troy (from community wiki).

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    Jack Black in Community (2009)

    Guest appearances.
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    Chevy Chase, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    Study group scenes.
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    Ken Jeong in Community (2009)

    Señor Chang craziness.

    Notable quote: "Consider yourself Chang-ed!' - Señor Chang (from community wiki).

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    Joel McHale and Charley Koontz in Community (2009)

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - The study group plays Dungeons & Dragons with another classmate to improve his spirits, but Pierce's jealousies cause their good intentions to backfire.

    Notable quote: “I'd like to introduce myself to the group. Hello, I am a dwarf named Zippideedoo...”— Shirley “Okay, I'm not the best at making up names.”— Abed “Oh, hey, I'm Marrrrrr. Boy, you weren't kidding.”— Jeff (from community wiki)

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    Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi in Community (2009)

    Abed's documentary films.

    Notable quote: “Our first assignment is a documentary. They're like real movies but with ugly people.”— Abed (from community wiki)

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    Alison Brie and Crystal the Monkey in Community (2009)

    Annie's Bo... (In case you were wondering, i mean the monkey).
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    Dan Harmon at an event for Community (2009)

    Dan Harmon. The man behind Community.
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    Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    Troy crying.

    Notable quote: I told Pierce thousands of times, i never want to meet LeVar in person, i just want a picture, you can't disappoint a picture, i hate you Pierce... i hate you so much... hhhhaaa (Troy breaks down).

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    Gillian Jacobs in Community (2009)

    Community songs.

    Notable song: "Gettin' Rid of Britta "

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    Gillian Jacobs in Community (2009)

    Britta politcal statements.

    Notable quote: “ You're monsters! You're Hitlers! You're racist pedophiles! You're the opposites of Batman! ” - Britta (from community wiki)

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    Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi in Community (2009)

    "Remedial Chaos Theory" - At Abed and Troy's housewarming party, Jeff decides to let the decision on who gets the pizza rest on the roll of the dice, leaving Abed to contemplate six alternate realities.

    Notable quote: “Chaos already dominates enough of our lives. The universe is an endless, raging sea of randomness. Our job isn't to fight it but to weather it together on the raft of life. A raft held together by those few, rare, beautiful things that we know to be predictable.”— Abed (from community wiki)

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    Alison Brie in Community (2009)

    Annie breakdown.

    Notable quote: "I'm only here because of a brief addiction to pills that I was told would help me focus but instead ended up costing me my scholarship and virginity." - Annie (from communty wiki).

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    Yvette Nicole Brown in Community (2009)

    Shirley religious comments.

    Notable quote: “The Bible doesn't recognize divorce Britta! When you marry a man he's your man! ” - Shirley (from community wiki).

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    Joel McHale in Community (2009)

    Jeff cynical & arrogant comments.

    Notable quote: "Look at me. It's clear to all of you that I am awesome. But I can never admit that because that would make me an ass." - Jeff (from community wiki)

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    Dino Stamatopoulos in Community (2009)

    Supporting characters.

    Notable characters: Star-Burns, Leonard, Garrett, Vicky, Neil, Magnitude, Vaughn, Todd and many more.

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    Betty White, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    End tags.

    Notable: Spanish Rap & Troy as a Christmas Tree.

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    Danny Pudi and Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    Abed and Troy friendship.

    Notable quote: "Troy and Abed in the Morning" - Abed & Troy.

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    Danny Pudi and Donald Glover in Community (2009)

    Law & Order episode (and similar episodes).

    Other notable investigation episode: Ass Crack Bandit.

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    Danny Pudi in Community (2009)

    Meta references.
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    Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs in Community (2009)

    Jeff & Britta
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    Joel McHale in Community (2009)

    The heart

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