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Poll: Should ''Superhero Movie'' Be a Genre on IMDb?

IMDb currently recognizes 28 genres to which a film or a series can belong. Some genres (Film-Noir) are considered ''locked,'' and cannot be submitted for new releases anymore, while some (Western) are based solely on historical/geographical setting of a film.

And then, we have superhero films. They are getting numerous and are more popular than ever. Currently, they can be labeled with a 'superhero' key-word on IMDb, but there is no superhero genre tag. Instead, they are most commonly listed as Action-Adventure-Fantasy-SciFi (with an occasional Comedy and Drama popping up).

So, we ask you... do you think IMDb should add a Superhero genre as the 29th genre tag?

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    Yes (2004)

    Yes! Let's be real - we all call them ''superhero movies'' in everyday speak anyway. Why not making it official?
  2. Vote!

    No (2016)

    No! If we make this precedent now, then people will ask the same for every other sub-genre.
  3. Vote!

    Maybe (2017)

    Maybe. Maybe not. I don't really have a clear opinion on this matter.
  4. Vote!

    I Don't Care (2014)

    *yawn* Who cares? I don't!

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