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Poll: Which of these actors and actresses would make the next great Enterprise captain?

Which of the following ethnically diverse actors and actresses would make the next great Star Trek Enterprise captain in a hypothetical TV series we could all get behind and pray that Paramount gets off its lazy Tukas and produces?

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    Naveen Andrews

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    Nicole Beharie

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    Mayim Bialik

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    John Boyega

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    Jessica Chastain

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    John Cho

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    Idris Elba

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    Danai Gurira

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    Alyson Hannigan

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    Tom Hardy

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    Bryce Dallas Howard

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    Charlie Hunnam

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    Michael B. Jordan

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    Evangeline Lilly

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    Anthony Mackie

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    Ruth Negga

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    Aaron Paul

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    Kal Penn

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    Freida Pinto

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    Ziyi Zhang

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