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Poll: 2009: Oscar Nominations in a Lonely Role

In 2009, the Oscar acting nomination gallery showcased unforgettable depictions of loneliness, in different moods and colors and various shades of pathos and optimism. Never surrendering to cynicism, the stories were profoundly human and illustrated the need of love to be able to live or at least the idea of loving life through these moments we share with people who care for us.

Which of these Oscar-nominated performances is your favorite?

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    Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart (2009)

    In Crazy Heart (2009), Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake, a country singer whose days of glory are over and the present ones spent in the company of bottles of whisky in shabby motels. Ironically, his music is basically his sordid life translated into poetry, the more he suffers, the better he sings... but there's too much suffering a man can take and even if people like him, it's through Maggie Gylenhall's Jean that he realizes his need to be loved again.
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    George Clooney in Up in the Air (2009)

    In Up in the Air (2009), there's a lot of 2009 George Clooney in Ryan Bingham, a competent executive estranged to the very notion of love and family, one of these men "married to their job", one that consists of firing people, one of the ultimate life-questioning experiences. And it takes the relationships with two women played by Anna Kendrick and Vera Ferniga so he makes the same questioning and grasp the emptiness of his life, for the best.
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    Gabourey Sidibe in Precious (2009)

    Precious (2009) starts as a vast horizon of despair, immortalized by Gabourey Sidibe's deadpan expression, speaking thousand words about all the hell she's been through. But the film is less about her abusive mother (Mo'Nique) than two others who care for her (Paula Patton and Mariah Carey). Under their support, Precious learns to smile, to talk, to stand to her mother, to triumph! A powerful journey far beyond the hackneyed 'inner beauty' formula.
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    Colin Firth in A Single Man (2009)

    In A Single Man (2009), Colin Firth played George Falconer, a man who lost with his companion an existential balance, whatever could make the idea of living the future bearable. He did have complicity with his friend played by Julianne Moore but more than fun and life projects, he actually craved for precious "little" moments that could channel him to a brighter vision of the future, moments he might find with his student played by Nicholas Hoult.
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    Up (2009)

    I'm sorry but I prefer the animated Carl. Carl whose present used to be Ellie and once she was dead, couldn't connect with anything related to his time, only living in a world of memories and dusty pictures... until a jovial overweight scout knocked at his door.

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