Can Jay Carney Deliver for Obama?

He wrangled Joe Biden and tangled with John McCain. But how will the former reporter fare at the podium as Obama's new mouthpiece? Howard Kurtz reports.

To get a sense of the challenge facing Jay Carney as he steps behind the White House podium, consider this:

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In the early months of the administration, a Washington Post editorial accused Joe Biden of having "foot-in-mouth disease." New York Times columnist Gail Collins called him "Washington's most compulsive talker." And who can forget when the vice president of the United States, pushing the new stimulus package, said that no matter what the administration did "there's still a 30 percent chance we're going to get it wrong" ?

Biden had become a punchline. But by the fall, Newsweek was running a cover story headlined, "Why Joe Is No Joke."

As Biden's communications director, Carney doesn't
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