Marvel Studios May Begin Emulating Star Wars’ Transmedia Universe

Both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm are under the auspices of Disney and both have their own highly successful cinematic universes. Yet their philosophies when dealing with them have been quite different. For the most part, McU canon is restricted to movies and TV shows (though there have been occasional semi-canon comic book preludes to the films).

Star Wars has a different strategy, creating what they’ve dubbed a ‘transmedia universe’ in which everything is part of the “New Unified Canon.” For example, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker takes place in the same continuity as recent video game Jedi: Fallen Order, The Clone Wars animated show and several ongoing comic book series.

Both have their upsides. The McU’s style allows the general audience to easily keep track of what’s going on while Star Wars‘ encourages fans to seek out as much supplemental material as possible to see the ‘full’ story.
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