Which is Better? #6 – Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

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Welcome back to another edition of “Which is Better” here on Nerdly. I tend to, in past articles focus on specific movies or series’ or television shows, but I thought, for the pure hell of it, to pit two big streaming services against each other and decide which is the better of the two.

Now, streaming has become a huge deal. Everyone and their grandmother has some sort of media streaming in their home, be it Spotify for their music needs, Game Pass or Ps Now for their video game desires, or the aforementioned Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for their film and television binging. Some of us nerds even have all of the above, but the less said about us the better.

Netflix is the big-boy in town and has the largest subscriber base of any media streaming service going, with over 167 million paying customers worldwide and growing. When
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