‘Emma.’: Film Review

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‘Emma.’: Film Review
Jane Austen has been through a lot on screen in recent years. From watching details of her own life contorted into a romantic comedy framework in “Becoming Jane,” seeing her most enduring masterpiece invaded by the undead in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” or observing the cottage merchandising and tourism industry that has sprung up in her wake in “Austenland,” one longs to imagine the saltine-dry turn of phrase she might have used to describe the splintering and commodification of her own legacy. But barring that, there’s something quite comforting in seeing her work returned to a more natural habitat: adapted into handsome, clever, faithfully unambitious films like Autumn de Wilde’s “Emma.”

As the film’s title card and poster tell us, the proper rendering of de Wilde’s “Emma” is not simply “Emma” but “Emma.” — period and all. It’s unclear why the filmmakers insisted on end punctuation,
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