Why Patrick Stewart Chose to Return in Star Trek: Picard

Don Kaye Jan 23, 2020

Patrick Stewart tells why he came back to his signature role for Star Trek: Picard.

Even at nearly 80 years old, Sir Patrick Stewart is a commanding (pun intended) figure as soon as he walks in the room. Slight of build, he nevertheless is a magnetic, even majestic presence. The voice may be a little weathered and softened by time but it is still as resonant as you remember from Star Trek: The Next Generation, where his Captain Jean-Luc Picard made “Engage!” and “Make it so!” into eternal verbal fixtures in the Star Trek universe.

And now some 33 years after a semi-obscure, bald British actor became the third screen captain of the Federation starship Enterprise -- launching a run of seven seasons on TV and four theatrical adventures -- that same actor is returning the role that made him a beloved sci-fi icon. In Star Trek: Picard, Stewart
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