Bombshell: Below the Belt

Bombshell is a below the belt movie. Specifically legs. Even more specifically, shoes. While director Jay Roach does not spend really any time fetishising shoes in the film – no lingering shots of prancing heels or gratuitous leg pans, it is clear that this area of the body is emblematic of how women were objectified by a creepy slug of a man called Roger Ailes (played by John Lithgow), aka former Chairman and CEO of Fox News.

Apparently Fox does not actually have an official dress code, in much the same way as vaping does not officially make you look stupid, but as is evident during one telling scene in Bombshell, when the female anchors change from their ‘civvie’ attire into barely breathable sheath dresses held in with salad lunches and copious Spanx, a look was obviously ‘encouraged’. Basically ‘we can’t tell you to dress this way… but dress this
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