The Song Of Names – Review

People today (well always but more so now) really enjoying having lots of choices, be it food (as in buffets and food courts) or in entertainment. And with the latter, we’re talking the multiplex which often presents several types of films, or genres if you want to sound “fancy-schmancy’, from comedies to family flicks, to, well, this week’s unique mix. That’s because this new film is tough to “pin down”, so it may be a multiplex in itself. It’s a musical (in a way), an historical drama, a mystery, a look at faith and religion, and a “coming of age” buddy film. Somehow all those themes and elements come together in the film strangely named The Song Of Names.

It all begins with a flashback to 1951. It’s moments before the big debut of 21-year-old violin virtuoso David Rapoport at a London concert hall. But the concert producer,
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