Party of Five Series Premiere Review: A Stirring, Timely Family Drama With Heart

If you're craving another compelling family drama, then you may find it in the highly-anticipated Party of Five reboot.

Party of Five Season 1 Episode 1 set the groundwork for an emotional tale of an American family, not unlike thousands of others caught in the web of our current immigration issues.

Meanwhile, Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2 grounded the series by reminding viewers that despite all of that, the Acostas face many of the same struggles of any other American family.

We're in a reboot era of television, and with it comes many frustrations as the focus on catering to nostalgia can impede on the production of more original content and ideas.

Most people either love reboots, or they loathe them, and there is merit in both stances. At the crux of the reboot argument is usually: did we need this?

Party of Five may be one of the rare cases when we probably did.
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