The Cure review – a nightmare drama about the Mid Staffs hospital scandal

This horrifying film retells Julie Bailey’s fight to expose the extraordinary failures of care that led to the death of her mother – and so many others

A while back, I suggested we formally recognise a devastating genre of documentary that focuses on suffering caused to the vulnerable by uncaring national institutions and systems, and name it the “Shit Rolls Downhill” category. How would you feel about broadening the field to include dramas based on real events? When They See Us, which tells the harrowing stories of the Central Park Five, or Responsible Child, about the UK’s legal system that allows children as young as 10 to be tried for murder as adults, would be eligible, for example. So, too, would The Cure (Channel 4), a retelling of Julie Bailey’s fight, after the death of her mother, Bella, in 2007, at Stafford hospital, to expose the welter of extraordinary failures
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