Women in Film Has a ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Female Awards Contenders in Every Category

  • The Wrap
When the Hollywood Foreign Press Association failed to nominate any women for Best Director at the 2020 Golden Globes, many in the industry were swift to point out a large catalog of eligible names that should’ve been up for consideration. The list is long, but if those names aren’t top of mind, we find that many voters inevitably default to the safer (read: male) options. Simply put: they need more visibility.

Women in Film is spearheading a campaign that aims to fix that. Wif’s #VoteForWomen initiative, in partnership with Women and Hollywood and New York Women in Film and Television, is meant to encourage voters to think of women when they fill out their awards ballots, but it’s also meant to show the enormous breadth of female talent that’s within the industry yet often fails to get recognized for the biggest honors in film and TV for the year.
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