10 Best Movie Songs of the 2010s, From ‘Let It Go’ to ‘Remember Me’ (Photos)

  • The Wrap
Like movie scores, a great song can transport us back to the experience of watching the film, reliving the feelings it brings up or helping the audience connect with the characters on a deeper level. A powerful song can tell a story, stir our emotions and have a life of its own on the pop charts or in dance clubs or coffee houses. And for better or worse, an entire generation of kids knew every word to “Let it Go.” So, whether it’s a sultry new track for a James Bond adventure or a fast-paced earworm, here’s a sampling of some of the best songs of the decade.

10.”Earned It” from “Fifty Shades of Grey

The “Fifty Shades” series gave us at least two great surprises: The discovery of Dakota Johnson and the first movie’s soundtrack, which had no business being as enjoyable as it turned out to be.
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