Film Review: ‘No Safe Spaces’

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Film Review: ‘No Safe Spaces’
If, like me, you’re an absolutist about the right to free speech, not just the legal letter of it but the stubborn spirit of it, then when you watch “No Safe Spaces,” a documentary about the crackdown on free expression that’s now taking place on American college campuses, you’ll find yourself, at least momentarily, in the company of some rather dicey “comrades.” People like the toxic fire-breather Ann Coulter, the everything-through-the-eye-of-the-Israel-needle right-wing ideologue Ben Shapiro, and — in a famously controversial and unsavory case — the loathsome alt-right showboat nihilist Milo Yiannopoulos.

All three of these moral reptiles, at different points, were invited to speak at public institutions of higher learning that wound up rescinding the invitations, due to pressure from their student bodies. And yet if you’re a religious believer in the First Amendment, then in “No Safe Spaces” people like Coulter and Shapiro become the de facto “good guys.
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