‘Marvel Tales feat. Ghost Rider #1′ Review

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Written by Various | Art by Various | Published by Marvel Comics

I kind of felt honour bound to review this, with Halloween in our not too distant future. Can you think of many better characters than Ghost Rider at this time of year. I also have a more personal connection in that, every Halloween growing up, I’d always pull a stack of books with a horror connection and read them. I always did the same at Xmas as well, themed reading was a thing back then clearly. Apart from the odd Werewolf By Night, or Tomb of Dracula, the character I loved the most was Johnny Blaze himself, Ghost Rider. Visually awesome, with great villains like Mephisto prone to spring up, and having adventures in a nice little niche area of the Marvel Universe, what was not to like? The 1990′s reboot was ok, with Danny Ketch as the new Ghost Rider,
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