Detective Pikachu Review: Pokeman Fans Rejoice, Everyone Else Not So Much

Detective Pikachu will be adored by the franchise's millions of fans. It's a movie for the dedicated masses. Filled with enough cute Pok&#233mon, special effects, and zippy one-liners to entertain the faithful of all ages. The humor does crossover to a point, but is aimed directly at the fan base. This film is not meant for newbies. Casual moviegoers and neophytes will be lost in the Pok&#233mon weeds. I highly recommend reading a Pok&#233mon primer before going in cold.

Justice Smith stars as Tim Goodman, a young insurance worker who formerly trained Pok&#233mon as a boy. Raised by his grandmother, Tim is alerted when his estranged father, a police detective, mysteriously vanishes. He leaves his small town and travels to the fantastic Ryme City, a bustling metropolis where humans and Pok&#233mon live together in harmony.

The adventure begins when Tim visits his father's apartment. He
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