The Footy Show: rebooted but McGuire and Newman quickly revert to type | Jonathan Horn

With Eddie McGuire back alongside professional angry man Sam Newman, any attempt to revitalise the show is an exercise in futility

In 1994, The Footy Show was the right show at the right time. Pay TV had yet to arrive in Australia. The five available channels dished up some truly grim fare. Hey Dad was still on in prime time. Our only taste of reality television had come through Sylvania Waters and its impossibly vile Donaher family. The most popular live variety show was still co-hosted by an ostrich.

Despite its national reach, The Footy Show had a decidedly Melbourne feel. The city, which had been hit particularly hard by the recession, was open for business again. Advertisers were spending money. There was a new casino. There was a premier who pretty much did as he pleased.

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