Top Five Films That Influenced Change

I Daniel Blake

Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake (releasing on DVD and Blu-ray 27th February) lays bare the cruel realities for those who fall through the cracks of society. With the film resulting in much topical debate, we take a look at five films that have influenced change following its release to screen:


In the 1966 original (not the remake), Julia Foster’s character Gilda undergoes a harrowing abortion – carried out in a back room in Alfie’s (Michael Caine) flat. At the time, abortion was illegal in the UK, and the procedure is seen to be carried out by a “back-street” abortionist.

“Backstreet abortions” were outlawed in the UK with the introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act. Although not openly stated, Alfie’s conscience when he saw the results of a botched operation is arguably a contributor to this, as – coincidentally – the film released months before the law began to change.
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