The Snare Review

The Snare‘s biggest problem (among Many), is that stakes are never defined. Creator C.A. Cooper introduces three (hollow) characters, a seaside vacation setting and a conflict. No backstory or forward thinking, just a situation where horrors will presumably present themselves. Imagine being told “this is a horror movie, and it is meant to scare you,” without having any proof of concept. Not exactly the rousing introduction you’d hope for, but at least expectations are set early – and even then, they’re barely met.

Eaoifa Forward stars as Alice Clarke, a girl who’s first seen packing a suitcase. Her father (?) walks into the room and asks a few questions, but before long, she’s driving in a car with friends Lizzy (Rachel Warren) and Carl (Dan Paton). Then, after some piggish “Would You Rather?” questions from Carl, the gang arrives at a vacant holiday apartment complex where they’re going to party irresponsibly.
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