John Turturro Still Wants a Big Lebowski Jesus Spinoff

John Turturro Still Wants a Big Lebowski Jesus Spinoff
The Coen Brothers' off-beat comedy The Big Lebowski didn't exactly set the box office on fire when it debuted in 1998, earning just $17.4 million. It did, however, go on to become a cult classic, even spawning a yearly event in Louisville, Kentucky, with the 15th annual Lebowski festival taking place next week. Two years ago, star John Turturro teased that he'd like to make a spinoff happen, featuring his beloved character Jesus, although we haven't heard anything official about the project moving forward. The actor recently teased in a new interview that it still may actually happen, although there are some legal issues to be ironed out first.

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with John Turturro, who was promoting his new HBO miniseries The Night Of, where he teased that the project may happen. Directors Joel Coen and Ethan Coen wouldn't direct the spinoff, but they would be involved in
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