Comic Book Review – 2000Ad Prog 1933

Oliver Davis reviews 2000Ad Prog 1933…

Borag Thungg, Earthlets!

In the first of three different concluding instalments this week, John Wagner’s latest Judge Dredd strip – ‘Breaking Bud’ – comes to an end. Unlike his last run, with the occasionally brilliant, but ultimately hammy ‘Dark Justice’, ‘Breaking Bud’ has its dithering narrative topped off with an awkwardly placed deus-ex-machina. The conclusion has the forced loose end tying of an early film noir’s end final scenes.

Tharg’s 3riller ‘Commercial Break’ story fares no better with a similarly dud ending – a rushed final battle sequence between our three heroes and the alien invaders. The plots coveted ‘brixels’ play an important part in the conclusion, with their psychically controlled nature used to create various weapons and defences…but, other than that, it all feels inconsequential. The whole thing seemed over in seconds, an odd pace considering how considered the first two parts were.
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