Retribution DVD Review

Writer and Director: Kat Candler

Starring: Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins, Deke Garner

Certificate: 15

Aaron Paul takes on his first meaty screen role since Breaking Bad in this unremarkable but well-acted drama about a fragmented family in the aftermath of grief. Debut feature director Kat Candler has adapted the story from her short, and pitches us right into the action with a jerky, hand-held sequence of teenagers causing chaos. This naturalistic, vaguely off-the-cuff style continues throughout as we meet Jacob, his friends and his equally out of control family.

By far the best aspect of the film is the way Candler has handled her young cast. As the lead Josh Wiggins has the look of Matt Damon and on this assured evidence a decent future lies ahead. Good support comes from Deke Garner as his wide-eyed brother and Candler cleverly casts former teen actress Juliette Lewis as their aunt
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