Briefs: More On “Constantine,” Exploring Gay SciFi Characters In “Credence,” And Could “Enlisted” Get A Second Chance?

Birthday shoutouts go to Matthew Fox (above), who is 48, Jackie Earle Haley is 53, and Jane Lynch is 54.

We thought it was dead, but could Enlisted actually get a second chance on Yahoo?

American Psycho: The Musical is headed to The States, specifically Off-Broadway, but there’s no word on whether Matt Smith will make the move with it.

Cory Monteith’s Friends & Glee Co-Stars Remember Him One Year After His Tragic Death

As a follow-up to the post last night about NBC straight-washing Constantine, it turns out that the reporter who asked the original question was our own Jim Halterman, and Jim sent over the full transcript. Turns out David Goyer was probably expecting to be asked about it.

Question (Jim Halterman): I wanted to ask you guys, Constantine was bisexual in the comic books. Will that be touched upon in the show? And Matt, how would you
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