Greatest Series Finales: That ’70s Show’s “That ’70s Finale” keeps things simple in memorable episodes

That ‘70s Show Season 8, Episode 21, “Love of My Life” & Season 8, Episode 22, “That ‘70s Finale”

Directed by David Trainer

Written by Greg Mettler

Original Airdate: May 18, 2006 on Fox

In this decade it’s extremely difficult to find a sitcom that is as perfect as That ‘70s Show was. This show was, and still is, one of the best coming of age/high school set sitcoms (after Freaks and Geeks of course). It’s probably not the first finale that comes to mind when thinking about greatest television finales; but for me it’s way up there.

With good vibes, brilliant writing, and excellent characters that actually evolve That ‘70s Show is, to me, the ideal sitcom. What starts off as a comedy centered on the ‘70s, with a boy with mistaken ideals and a lack of confidence, soon turns into a series of memories, with six characters who weren’t adults
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