Never-before-seen Galifianakis! Oswalt! Conan O’Brien! Judd Apatow! Everyone else! The Other Network!!!

The Other Network!

Wed at 9:30 at The Ritz!

We’re pleased and shocked to bring completely undiscovered original TV pilots from the pre-successful days of many of your favorite modern stars! Rare gems rescued from the secret vaults of Hollywood! Conan O’Brien! Patton Oswalt! Judd Apatow! Zach Galifianakis! Ben Stiller! Jack Black! Amy Poehler! Fred Armisen! And lots of others who deserve exclamation points.

The Other Network presents long-buried TV pilots that were too controversial, too idiosyncratic or just too damn funny for prime-time TV. These fully-produced TV shows were never aired, never before seen and the closest thing to auteur pieces ever made. Each show screens with an exclusive intro from the writers/producers who created them, giving unique insights into Hollywood and the creative process.

Here’s what the critics think of the damn thing:

“A runaway hit!… A revelation!” – NY Times

“An alternative universe of television!
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