Interview: Jeffery Self on Loving Celebrities, Acting with Betty White, and Being a "Gay Beatle"

You know the winsome and august Jeffery Self from a number of stimulating formats: He was the star of Logo's much-missed Jeffery & Cole Casserole (with Cole Escola), he generates a YouTube series called SelfObsessed (which recently featured a hilarious "interview" with Drew Droege), he gifted the world with the "Sh*t Gay Guys Say" juggernaut, he's made appearances on everything from 30 Rock to Desperate Housewives, and you can always find him tweeting at @JefferySelf. Like me, he's also quite opinionated about Magic Mike -- and that's why we're joining Guy Branum and Bryan Safi for an all-gay chat revue called "The Gay Beatles" at La's Upright Citizens Brigade next Friday (June 29) at 8 p.m. Glamorous, no?

Because of Mr. Self's assorted projects -- including an upcoming book -- we decided to sit down for a formal interview. You'll never think of Jane Leeves the same way again.

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