Arachnophobiacs Beware ... We've Got a Pair Creepy Crawly Shorts, Spider on the Ceiling and Scratch

Oh the goddamn creepy, crawlies…they skeev me out just thinking about them. Ugh. Well, if you love the eight-legged baddies as much as I do, we've got a couple of memorable shorts for you today with Spider on the Ceiling and Scratch.

We don't usually combine two shorts into one article, but these two worked so well together, and thanks to horror hound Avery G for the tip on these two.

The first film is entitled Spider on the Ceiling. It's from Australia, just like the huntsman spider which stars in the movie. Spider on the Ceiling was directed by Anthony O'Neill and stars Steve Danielsen, Camilla Jackson and Steve Carroll. It's a creepy little five-minute piece with a nice comedic twist and great sense of humor.

The second feature is Scratch. No comedy in this one, just a slow build of suspense to a nice finish. Ethan Snell
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