Roger Ebert: Farewell to my London home

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert reminisces about the eccentric hotel on Jermyn Street that for 25 years was his sanctuary – but now faces demolition

Oh, no. No. No. This ­cannot be. They're ­tearing down 22 Jermyn Street in London. The whole block is going. Bates hat shop, Trumper the barber, Getti the Italian restaurant, the Jermyn Street theatre, Sergios cafe, the lot. Jermyn Street was my street in ­London. My neighbourhood.

There, on a corner near the Lower Regent Street end, I found a time capsule within which the ­eccentricity and charm of an earlier time was still preserved. It was called the ­Eyrie ­Mansion. When I stayed there, I ­considered myself to be living there. I always wanted to live in London, and this was the closest I ever got.

Many years ago I was in London and unhappily staying in a hotel room so small, they had to store my
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